our program

Home Support

Each of our patients will receive care from our skilled team of nurses, who are trained specifically to deal with pain and symptom management and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, we offer social workers to provide our patients with any necessary counseling and as resources for community services, certified Home Health Aids and homemakers. If needed, our patients can depend on our team of volunteers to provide assistance through visits, letter writing, reading or shopping. 

Medications & Medical Equipment

Basic medical equipment, supplies and medications related to the hospice diagnosis are provided by R.C. Hospice Care Inc. 

Admission Process

Admitting a patient to the hospice program is a simple process for the attending, physician, discharge planner or social worker. Just call the hospice and a nurse will visit the patient and family at home or in the hospital. Information about the program will be presented. If the patient elects the program, the nurse arranged at the time will start the services.