About RCHC

Our Story

R.C. Hospice Care, Inc. was founded in 2013. This is a family owned and operated organization with a team of professionals that are proficient in English, Armenian, Tagalog, and Russian languages. We have a desire to touch the lives of those in our community who are on the path towards their last journey. We dedicate ourselves to provide all the care and support one would for their loved ones. We know the difficulties in losing the ones we love and how hard it can be on a family, that is why we are here to let you know that you do not have to walk this path alone. Our staff dedicates themselves to support and nurture you on your journey and in doing so to give your families comfort and ease of mind knowing you are in highly trained and caring hands. R.C. Hospice Care, INC. has a responsibility in our community to provide peace and hope on your or your loved ones last journey.

Our Vision

R.C. Hospice Care, Inc. has a vision to impact your life in our community by offering care and support to you or your loved one during this last journey.

Our Hospice is here to provide care in the utmost manner to our patients by fulfilling all their needs to help make their last journey peaceful and hopeful. We dedicate ourselves to meet the needs of our patients with our highly trained and motivated staff. When one enters into Hospice it is never an easy adjustment, however it is not a journey that has to be traveled alone.

Our goal is to always provide care with our nurturing staff members, knowledgeable nurses and attentive providers. Our team is put together with individuals who are aware of the difficulties that you or your loved one is going through; Our goal is to always provide support and resources in and for the obstacles that may lie ahead.

We will not rest until we have provided

Mission Statement

At R.C. Hospice,  you can count on our highly trained and knowledgeable staff to provide our clients with the highest level of palliative care obtainable in the entire industry.

Our dedicated staff includes Physicians, Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants and highly motivated individuals who willingly volunteer their time in the care of our clients. 

We aim to provide spiritual uplifting to our clients through the provision of Chaplains of various religious persuasions, who are always available to minister to the spiritual needs of our clients.We believe that spiritual uplifting is a necessary component of all phases of life.

  • We believe that each person’s life is a remarkable journey

  • We believe that each moment and phase of every life should be lived in utmost dignity.

  • We believe that life should be unrestricted by avoidable pain and discomfort.

  • We believe in striving to provide our clients with the necessary care to ensure that they live every minute of their remarkable journey in a dignified and pain free manner.