About Hospice Volunteering

A Hospice Volunteer is an important asset to the Hospice team. They offer the companionship, and warmth that sometimes the  patients in hospice are in most need of. The presence of a volunteer can drastically change the atmosphere within a patients home. Whether it is simply helping in preparing their next meal, or sitting down to play a game of chess,  a volunteer’s presence makes a huge impact in this difficult stage of a patients life.

Lend a helping hand, be that support to the one who is not only hurting physically, but emotionally—from  loneliness, or even past regrets they may be reliving. And you will undoubtably gain a better understanding and perspective of life, and what really matters.


Some Responsibilities of a Hospice Volunteer

  • Be a friend/listening ear.

  • Run errands/Personal Care Appointments

  • Prepare meals and assist patient with eating if needed

  • Help tidy up the house

  • Transport the patient to their doctor’s appointments

  • Provide comfort and support

  • Play a favorite board or card game

  • Help the patient’s caregiver with their errands and other daily tasks

  • Inform hospice staff of the patients’ needs

Serving the communities of Sacramento, Fair Oaks, Folsom & surrounding

If you're interested in becoming a hospice volunteer for RCHC,
please give us a call at 916-858-1440 or email our
Volunteer Coordinator at